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HP Designjet 111 Series

Contex SD-3600 | Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά/Φυλλάδιο



Scanning wide format documents easy and affordable
The Contex SD3600 packs a huge amount of wide format value intoits compact 36”, portable package. With its lightweight design, exceptional ease of use and very attractive price, it is a must-have scanner for any office that wants to save time and money by scanning oversized maps and technical drawings in-house. With the SD3600, anyone in your office can now scan wide format documents for copying, sharing and collaborating. You’ll save time and money by handling oversized documents in-house. And you’ll
benefit from unmatched ease of use, consistent high quality, and enhanced productivity—all at an affordable price.

Space-saving design.
The SD3600 offers all the advantages of other SD Series scanners, but features a new compact design. It fits discreetly into your office environment, and its many functions are perfectly engineered for easy setup, use and maintenance.

Lightweight and transportable.
Many businesses find it convenient to be able to move their scanners around the office, close to archiving equipment or printers, for example. The compact, lightweight SD3600 fits into small spaces, is very easy to transport, and can be shared across you network, so you can use it from any location.

Save even more space with a MFP model.
The SD3600 is available as a standalone unit or as a multifunction (MFP) device. It fits into the same space as your printer for convenient collaboration and use with existing printers for direct scan-to-print capabilities without compromising image quality and

Grows with your business.
Another great advantage is upgradeable speed and resolution. That means your scanner can meet all your needs today, and then grow along with your business


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